Faster payment operations
to power your business

Accelerate your payments and reconciliations with real-time connectivity to your banks, robust automations, and built-in controls. Bring your ideal workflows to life with a single API and dashboard.

How it works

1. Connect your banks

Connect your accounts in minutes using your banks’ direct connectivity solutions.

2. Build your workflows

Design and implement your ideal payment workflows using the API and dashboard.

3. Automate your payments

Send, receive, track, and reconcile payments and transactions in real-time.


Real-time connectivity to all your banks

Connect to all your banks through a single platform. Our secure bank integrations provide real-time updates on all your accounts and payments.


Custom end-to-end payment workflows

Implement any custom workflows to automate payments from initiation to approval to execution. Automatically reconcile payments to close books faster.


Fast, scalable integration

Integrate our API and webhooks into your product and tools. Test in sandbox and launch in production in days. Add a new bank or payment method with a few lines of code, not months of work.


Built for enterprise-grade security

Numeral is built for the most demanding tech companies, with best-in-class security, GDPR compliance, EU-located servers, and 99.9% availability.

Leading tech companies trust us

“Managing bank integrations at scale is critical to our ability to grow Spendesk. Numeral is answering that exact need, with a strong focus on security and reliability as well as an impressive product development pace.”
Head of Banking
“Numeral is what every PM in charge of payments is looking for: an easy way to tap into banks' file transfer capabilities through APIs. Similar to what Stripe, Adyen, and ProcessOut did for card acquiring, Numeral gets bank transfers into the modern era.”
Head of Payments

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