The payment operations platform for all your payment workflows

Numeral combines robust bank integrations, a modular API, and a modern dashboard - everything you need to scale payment operations with confidence.


Send payments through SEPA credit transfer and instant credit transfer, Bacs, and FPS

Collect payments through SEPA direct debit core and B2B and Bacs direct debit

Send international payments through SWIFT

Manage SEPA R transactions (recalls, rejects, returns, and refunds) and inquiries

Receive real-time notifications as payments are processed


Payment file batching, generation, signature, and encryption

Payment status report file validation and parsing

Bank cut-off time management

Corporate and UK agency banking / SEPA indirect participant payments


Receive prior-day balances and transactions at the end of the day

Receive intraday balances and transactions throughout the day

Receive real-time notifications as transactions are posted and balances are calculated

Search balances and transactions with no history limit


Account debit and credit notifications

Prior-day account reports

Intraday account reports

Account report file parsing


Connect to your banks through a single REST API

Numeral connects to your banks and manages payment, payment status report, and account report files for you

Be notified in case of bank connection or file transfer failure


SFTP, EBICS, MQ, and bank API support

ISO 20022 XML pacs, pain, and camt message support

File validation, description, and parsing

File validation, description, and parsing

Bank server / API monitoring


Automatically reconcile payments processed with transactions posted

Use virtual IBANs to automate the reconciliation of incoming payments

Use expected payments to reconcile payments executed outside of Numeral

Receive real-time notifications as reconciliations are created


Flexible reconciliation data model

Automated reconciliation engine

Manual override of automated reconciliations

Custom reconciliation rules


Onboard and verify counterparties to facilitate payments

Manage all counterparties and counterparty accounts in one single place

Assign virtual IBANs to counterparties and rotate virtual accounts across counterparties

Notify counterparties as you send, request, or receive payments


Multi-account counterparty support

Account number verification

Account holder verification

Direct debit mandate management


Approve payment orders and payment files before they are sent to your banks

Setup payment approval workflows that match your internal controls

Review audit trails of your payments and counterparties

Keep full control of your data


Payment order and payment file approvals

Counterparty and counterparty account approvals

Action logs and audit trails

Payment files history


Review and approve payments in one single place

View all account balances and transactions with no history limit

Invite users, assign user roles and permissions, and setup payment approval workflows

Import and export data through CSV


Advanced filtering, sorting, and search

User roles and permissions

Payment status history and audit trails

CSV import / export

Developer center


Integrate Numeral’s REST API into your own product and systems

Receive real-time notifications through webhooks

Manage API keys, IP whitelisting, and webhooks in the developer center



API security (HTTPS, IP whitelisting, TLS, and webhook header signature)



Events and webhooks


SEPA indirect participants

Connect to your SEPA sponsor bank and automate all your payment, R transaction, and reconciliation flows.


Automate payments and reconciliations at scale. Add new payment methods into your products through a single API.


Differentiate through better payment options to customers and merchants. Enhance gross margin by automating your payment operations.

UK agency banking

Connect to your UK sponsor bank and automate all your payment and reconciliation flows.

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