The Guide to SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

Instant payments in Europe in 2022 are at an inflection point. The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme finally has broad adoption throughout Europe and planned regulation is aiming to remove remaining frictions.

Payment operations teams are presented with a unique opportunity to build better experiences and make treasury workflows finally real-time.
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What you will learn in this guide

The potential of instant payments

Discover uses cases and industries where instant payments can have a transformational impact for consumers and be a key differentiator for companies.

Instant payment at a tipping point in Europe

Learn more about SEPA Instant Credit Transfer, from its creation to the latest European regulation proposal.

The challenges for payment operations teams

Faster payments mean faster everything, from connectivity to approvals to fraud. To unlock the benefits of SEPA instant payments, payment operations must adapt their ways of working from batch to flow.

About Numeral

Numeral is a payment operations platform making building payment products on top of banks easy. By exposing a single API across banks and payment methods, Numeral helps companies accelerate SEPA payments and reconciliations through real-time connectivity to banks, robust automations, and built-in controls.