Card settlement reconciliations

Automatically reconcile card payments at scale

  • Automatically reconcile card payments across bank accounts
  • Keep full visibility and control of your reconciliations
  • Trigger workflows based on card settlement reconciliations
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A comprehensive platform for your card reconciliations

Automate card settlement reconciliations at scale

Automate the reconciliations between individual card transactions and their daily settlements through our integrations with acquirers.

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Automate the reconciliations
automated reconciliations at any time

Keep complete control and visibility

Override the automated reconciliations at any time, for any reconciliation. Access all reconciliations and their associated payments and transactions in real-time through our API or our dashboard.

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Reconcile card settlements on your bank accounts with the corresponding card payments

Let’s talk about how you can better manage card settlement reconciliations.

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True end-to-end automation

Numeral automatically fetches card transaction and settlement data from your connected bank accounts to reconcile with your acquirer and issuer data.

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automatically fetches card transaction
card settlement reconciliations API

Build workflows based on card reconciliations

All card settlement reconciliations are available via our API at any time, and your systems can be notified via webhooks in real-time. Automatically update ledgers, calculate real-time balances and more based on reconciled payments.

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Ready to automate your card settlement reconciliations?

Let’s talk about how you can better manage card settlement reconciliations.

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