Your banks, augmented by the Numeral API

Building payment products and managing sophisticated payment operations on top of banks can be complex.

Numeral enables companies to send, receive, and reconcile SEPA, Bacs and FPS payments through their banks with a single API and modern dashboard.

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How Numeral compares to a bank connectivity software

Real-time, API-first connectivity

Treasury management and cash management systems provide bank connectivity for bank files.  They rely on file transfers and manual approvals and slow down your payment operations.

With Numeral

Automate your payment operations directly from your systems, at the individual payment level.

Receive real-time notifications as your payments are processed and your accounts are updated.

Add new payment methods like SEPA instant payment and UK faster payments with a few lines of code.

How Numeral compares to building your own bank integration

The last integration
you will ever need

Bank integrations are complex and expensive to develop, maintain, and upgrade over time. They require dedicated and knowledgeable teams. They can get in the way of agility and innovation.

With Numeral

Focus your product and engineering teams on your core business and products, rather than bank connectivity.

Connect new banks and payment methods with a few lines of code to scale your operations.

Never worry about maintenance and upgrades as bank and payment scheme changes are automatically updated.

How Numeral compares to open banking

Robust payment operations

Designed for consumer accounts and online payments, open banking platform are a limited fit for companies looking to automate large volumes of payments.

With Numeral

Send, receive, and reconcile payments across all SEPA, Bacs and, FPS payment methods.

Build robust bank integrations based on enterprise-grade cash management channels, rather than consumer open banking APIs.

Use advanced payment initiation, approval, reconciliation, and notification features to build sophisticated payment flows.

How Numeral compares to payment service providers

Faster payments, more control

Payment service providers are in the flow of funds. They move your payments through their bank accounts instead of yours. This splits your funds and slow down your payments.

With Numeral

Send and receive payments directly on your bank accounts without having to wait for yet another payout.

Integrate fast with API-first connectivity on top of your existing bank for improved control of your payment flows.

Leverage and develop your bank relationships to prepare for the future.


One platform to power all your payment operations

A payment platform to power your business


Connect to your banks through a single REST API.


Automate payments and reconciliations through their entire lifecycle.


Control payments with approval workflows and audit trails.


Integrate Numeral’s REST API and webhooks into your product.


SEPA indirect participants

Connect to your SEPA sponsor bank and automate all your payment, R transaction, and reconciliation flows.


Automate payments and reconciliations at scale. Add new payment methods into your products through a single API.


Differentiate through better payment options to customers and merchants. Enhance gross margin by automating your payment operations.

UK agency banking

Connect to your UK sponsor bank and automate all your payment and reconciliation flows.

Managing bank integrations at scale is critical to our ability to grow Spendesk. Numeral is answering that exact need, with a strong focus on security and reliability as well as an impressive product development pace.

Axel Cateland

Head of Banking

Numeral is what every PM in charge of payments is looking for: an easy way to tap into banks' file transfer capabilities through APIs. Similar to what Stripe, Adyen, and ProcessOut did for card acquiring, Numeral gets bank transfers into the modern era.

Quentin Vigneau

Head of Payments

Thanks to Numeral, we can focus on the most critical incidents and rapidly solve merchant’s issues. Numeral’s complete integration into our and BNP Paribas’ systems, audit trails, and approval rules enable us to further automate the process of managing thousands of daily payments at scale and securely.

Simon Shohet

Finance and Strategy Senior Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Numeral open bank accounts for me?

No. We believe that keeping your own relationships with your banks is critical for your business. However, Numeral makes connecting with your banks connectivity solutions seamless. We will guide you with the information you need from your banks in order to make it work.

Does Numeral intermediate funds?

Numeral is a payment operations software, not a payment service provider. As such, Numeral doesn’t intermediate funds. Your funds flow directly between yours and your customers' and partners' bank accounts. Numeral only exchanges files and messages with your banks to initiate payments from your bank accounts or fetch account or payment-related information. Doing so, Numeral enables you to move funds directly in and out of your bank accounts.

How much does Numeral cost?

Numeral’s pricing consists of a subscription fee, payment fees, and connected account fees

Can I use Numeral with any bank?

You can use Numeral with any bank we integrate with. Check our current bank coverage here. We are building integrations with new banks every month, and prioritise based on our customers needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your bank coverage needs.

How long does it take to implement Numeral?

Our customers usually go live with Numeral in less than 8 weeks, from the design of the financial flows they want to implement in Numeral, to the actual API integration and tests.

Do I need to open a new account with my bank to use the Numeral platform?

If you are a corporate or financial institution customer to your banks, there is a high chance that your bank account can connect directly to Numeral through our integrations.

Do I have to fund a wallet to use the Numeral API?

No! Numeral connects directly to your bank account to enable programmatic payments without the intermediation of a wallet.