A better dashboard experience for finance and operations teams to manage payments at scale

Matthieu Blandineau
February 2024
min read

At Numeral, we help fintech companies to automate payment operations at scale.

However, there is no such thing as 100% automated payment operations. Our dashboard enables finance and operations teams to manage and monitor payments, liquidity, and reconciliations across all their accounts and banks from a modern interface.

In this blog post, we recap the latest features we added to our dashboard to make the life of finance and operations teams easier.

Better visibility on liquidity with aggregated account balances

Fintech companies work with multiple bank accounts, sometimes spread across multiple partner banks. However, multi-bank payment operations can be complex. One of the complexities is maintaining a clear visibility across all banks, including the available liquidity.

That’s why we launched aggregated account balances in the Numeral dashboard, enabling finance and operations teams to group account balances by currency, bank, country, or any custom dimension through custom fields.

Faster workflows with quick filters and bulk actions

At Numeral, we aim to automate most of the tasks for our customers while enabling them to control what they need to control efficiently.

With quick filters on Numeral objects in the dashboard, finance and operations teams can instantly access the payments, transactions, or counterparties that require immediate attention, such as payments pending validation or unreconciled payments.

With bulk actions, they can approve payments pending approval in one click after quickly reviewing them, saving precious time while maintaining total control.

Create multiple payments with confidence thanks to improved payment files upload

Not all batch payments can be automated. All your systems might not be integrated with Numeral yet, some legacy core systems can’t deposit files on our SFTP servers or create payments via API, and there is sometimes the need to create ad-hoc batch payments. The ability to upload payment files in Numeral can be critical.

With the latest additions to the Numeral dashboard, finance and operations teams can upload files to create hundreds of payments with confidence.

On the new Payments files screen, users can see at a glance if the payment files have been successfully uploaded, the number of payments created from a payment file and the number of payments successfully sent, as well as the total amount of payments of an uploaded file.

From this screen, finance and operations teams can also access all the payments created from each file to bulk approve them if necessary or monitor their status.

In addition to making batch payments easier, we’ve also added the ability to create interbank payments from the dashboard, so finance and operations teams of customers operating as SEPA, Bacs, or FPS indirect participants can take action autonomously when needed.

More efficient payment data usage with custom fields

Payment and payment-related data are business-critical to most fintechs and companies. It is leveraged in various third-party systems for accounting, business intelligence or fraud and risk management purposes.

As such, fintechs and businesses should be able to easily label each payment, account or transaction according to their specific business logic.

Finance and operations teams also need to categorise and navigate between the different categories of these objects easily for more efficiency.

That’s why custom fields are now available in Numeral. Custom fields are customer-preconfigured fields from which dashboard users can select specific values, enabling these values to be leveraged in third-party systems.

If you are a Numeral customer and want to learn more about these features or aren’t yet and want to improve your payment operations, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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