The Guide to becoming a SEPA participant

Payments are at the core of any fintech company’s offering. Whether they focus on payments themselves, lending, or investment, those companies sitting in multi-party flows of funds must manage bank payments in their products.

In Europe, it means accessing SEPA as a participant.

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What you will learn in this guide

Discover the benefits of becoming a SEPA participant

Understand why successful fintech companies make the strategic decision and commit to the multi-month project of becoming a SEPA participant.

Explore the steps to participate in SEPA

Learn more about the regulatory and technical requirements to become a SEPA participant. Understand the role of SEPA sponsor banks and how to choose select the right banking partner.

Understand the challenges of operating as a SEPA indirect participant

Processing SEPA payments as a participant means managing new, complex workflows. To do it successfully and comply with the SEPA rulebook and regulatory requirements, SEPA indirect participants must build the right organisation and set up the right systems.

About Numeral

Numeral is the gateway to SEPA for regulated financial institutions making connecting to schemes through a sponsor bank fast, easy and cost-effective. By exposing a single API across banks and payment methods, Numeral helps companies accelerate SEPA payments and reconciliations through real-time connectivity to banks, robust automations, and built-in controls.