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Accounting for 95%+ of payments in the eurozone, SEPA payments are a critical part of most companies' daily financial operations. Download our guide to discover the inner workings of SEPA, including its history, participants, payment methods, and how newer payment innovations can accelerate how companies run their payment operations.

What you will learn

Understand the Single Euro Payments Area (or SEPA)

Learn about the history of SEPA, from its creation in 2008 to how it has evolved today. This guide describes the stakeholders in SEPA, their role, and how they jointly contribute to the European payment system.

Explore the different SEPA payment schemes

Discover the four SEPA payment schemes accounting for 95%+ of all bank-based payments in the eurozone. From the original SEPA Credit Transfer to the recent SEPA Instant Credit Transfer, this guide explores the different payment methods available to corporates and financial institutions.

Discover how SEPA messaging works

Explore the intricacies of SEPA messaging from payment initiation to return operations. This guide takes an in-depth look into ISO 20022 messages and highlights the key reports and transaction codes every business running payment operations should be aware of.

About Numeral

Numeral is a payment operations platform abstracting all the complexity of bank direct integrations. By exposing a single API across banks and payment methods, it helps businesses to accelerate their payments and reconciliations with real-time connectivity to banks, robust automations, and built-in controls.

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