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Fintech Deblock chooses Numeral to manage SEPA payments like a bank

Matthieu Blandineau
April 2024
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Paris, FRANCE, 16 April 2024 – Deblock, the first current account that accepts both euros and cryptocurrencies, has chosen Numeral, the payment technology provider, to manage its SEPA payments. This collaboration allows Deblock to operate as a SEPA participant right from the launch of its product, thereby offering IBANs in its own name to its clients.

"The tagline of Deblock is 'Your IBAN. Your Cryptos'. We aim to provide our clients with a practical current account accessible at any time for their everyday use, with a self-managed wallet for their crypto-assets", states Claire Balva, VP of Strategy at Deblock. "This requires quality and reliability of payments comparable to those of a bank and the ability to provide IBANs in our name to our clients. That is why we decided to become a SEPA participant, and we were able to do so in time for our launch thanks to Numeral," adds Claire Balva.

A connection to SEPA in 3 months

Deblock chose Numeral to connect to the SEPA interbank system. Thanks to this connection to the European payment system, Deblock enables its clients to send and receive bank transfers from their Deblock accounts as they would with any bank account.

Given the systemic importance of SEPA, the standards for participating and exchanging messages are very high. Participating in SEPA also involves supporting additional flows necessary for handling payment errors and returns. This results in a significant complexity of integration and management.

"Having already led similar projects in previous experiences, notably at Revolut, we were aware of the benefits but also the complexity of SEPA participation," says Adriana Restrepo, President of Deblock SAS. "Working with a partner like Numeral, who has extensive experience in this area, ensured that we could provide our clients with a complete and competitive product from the day of our launch, thanks to a 3-month integration instead of the usual year," adds Adriana Restrepo.

A robust and scalable platform to support Deblock's growth

With this new infrastructure, Deblock can focus on its core business, the management of non-custodial wallets and adding features for its clients instead of allocating resources to maintain its banking connectivity.

"Thanks to Numeral, we are confident that our SEPA infrastructure will support our long-term growth. We have already planned to add new payment methods such as direct debits, and know that Numeral will be able to support our future geographical development by connecting us to new local payment systems in Europe and the UK," says Aaron Beck, General Manager of Deblock SAS. 

"Deblock is our first client in the crypto-asset sector. We are thrilled to support a serious player who has chosen to launch in France for its regulatory stability offered by the digital asset service provider (DASP) license ahead of the deployment of the markets in crypto-assets regulation (MiCA) in Europe and its equivalent in the UK," says Édouard Mandon, co-founder and CEO of Numeral.

About Numeral

Numeral is a payment technology provider which delivers the infrastructure for fintechs and banks to connect to partner banks, access schemes, and automate payment operations.

Through its payments, reconciliations, treasury, and risk and fraud management capabilities, Numeral enables its customers to launch new products and expand geographically faster, reduce total cost of ownership and make their payments more resilient.

Numeral provides the payment infrastructure for European fintech leaders like Swile, Spendesk, Deblock and Alma and has a growing European customer base Numeral also partners with Europe’s leading banks, including Barclays, BNP Paribas, HSBC, BPCE, and ABN AMRO. Launched in 2021, Numeral has raised €13m from world-class investors like Balderton and eFounders.

About Deblock

For Deblock, everyone should be able to manage their money as they wish while having the option to pay in Crypto or Euro. The company is licensed as a digital asset service provider (DASP) with the AMF and as an electronic money institution by the ACPR.


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