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Opening Numeral to new customers

Édouard Mandon
July 2022
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Today, we are excited to announce that we have now opened Numeral platform to new customers, 12 months after my co-founder Hichem Mâalmi and I officially started working on Numeral with Logic Founders and Camille Tyan and 6 months after our Seed funding round.

Advanced features for smarter payments

Numeral combines robust bank integrations, a modular API, and a modern dashboard. We enable innovative companies to embed payment capabilities into their products, offer delightful payment experiences to their users, and build scalable payment operations in days, rather than months.

  • Payments: a single API and web app for all your bank integrations and payments

  • Balances and transactions: pull balances and transactions from all your accounts

  • Counterparties and virtual accounts: manage counterparties and virtual accounts across all banks to track payments sent and received

  • Reconciliations: enjoy accounts that finally reconcile themselves

  • Ledgers: track all your in-app financial flows

  • Real-time events: receive events through webhooks in real-time as your payments and accounts are updated

Empowering innovators in all industries

Payments are core to the business and operations of companies across many different industries. Numeral enables innovative companies across financial services, insurance, real estate, and temp work, among others.

  • Payment service providers: connect to your partner banks as indirect participant, agent, or corporate customer and automate all your payment and reconciliation flows

  • Lenders: programmatically disburse loans to make funds quickly available to borrowers as well automatically collect and reconcile loan repayments

  • Insurance companies: embed real-time claim payments into your claim management flows

  • Property managers: automatically collect and reconcile rent payments from tenants and programmatically pay out landlords

  • Marketplaces: automate payments between buyers and sellers and track flows of funds with ledgers

  • Temporary work agencies: fully automate payroll and offer salary advances at scale

An expanding bank coverage

We are currently live with BNP Paribas, Société Générale, and BPCE and in private beta with a number of banks. We will connect more banks, in France and in the rest of Europe, over the coming months. Learn more about our bank coverage. Do you want to explore using Numeral to connect to your bank and automate your payments and reconciliations? Contact us and we will be in touch shortly.

Not sure where to start?

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