Our December changelog

Lina Mechat
January 2023
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Launching Numeral’s dashboard

We’re excited to announce the launch of the dashboard, a new product dedicated to finance and operations teams. The dashboard streamlines access to payments and transactions, so finance teams can investigate failed payments and support customers more easily.

It also enables product and engineering teams to issue and manage API keys for a faster implementation. As a result, the dashboard is the payment back-office that you won’t need to build internally.

Check our dedicated article about the dashboard.

Expanding virtual accounts capabilities

In November, we enabled user to create virtual accounts and link them to counterparties. From now on, customers can manage the lifecycle of their virtual accounts by assigning them to counterparties, unassigning them from counterparties, updating their name and metadata and disabling them.

Besides, when disabling a counterparty, the related virtual accounts remain active but get unassigned immediately with a proper event sent to the customer’s webhook.

Interested to learn more?

Contact us to tell us about your payment operations project or learn more about Numeral. You can also read our API documentation and our November changelog.

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