Our March changelog

Lina Mechat
April 2022
min read

This month, we have added support for account transactions and balances as well as virtual account numbers.

Retrieving account statements and creating balances and transactions

Numeral is now retrieving account statements from connected bank accounts and creating the related balances and transactions. Balances and transactions are normalised across banks. They are returned in a standard format that includes booking date, value date, amount, direction, currency, category, remittance information, and counterparty information, when available.

Exposing virtual account numbers

An increasing number of banks enable to customers to use virtual account numbers to facilitate the allocation of payments received based on their virtual accounts. Numeral retrieves virtual account numbers from account statements and and exposes them in the transaction.virtual_account_number attribute.

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Contact us to get access to a sandbox account. You can also explore our API documentation and our February changelog.

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