Our February 2023 changelog

Lina Mechat
March 2023
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Advanced monitoring capabilities of SDD R-transactions

SEPA direct debit (SDD) payments are strongly linked to complex R-transaction flows that include returns, refunds and rejects. Numeral abstracts this complexity by offering advanced monitoring of SDD R-transactions.

On the one hand, Numeral immediately updates the SDD payment order status when an R-transaction occurs.

On the other hand, Numeral creates a proper SDD return object linked to the original payment order, enriched with a documented return reason. Such SDD returns are expected to automatically reconcile with the corresponding debit entries in the customer’s bank statement.

Enabling file automatic approval

In December 2022, we enabled customers to skip the payment approval flow when creating a payment order.

This month, we have launched the file automatic approval feature, enabling customers to activate or deactivate the file approval flow as a setting of their connected account. From now on, all the approval flows, at the payment and file levels, are fully customisable and can fit with any customer approval use case.

New Returns screen in the dashboard

We’ve been working on a brand new page to show Return objects in the dashboard. Corporate customers can have a quick look at their SEPA direct debit refusals or rejections, and perform related investigations. Similarly, financial institutions will have an overview of all the returns exchanged with their sponsor bank.

Find more updates in our 2023 January changelog.

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