Our November changelog

Lina Mechat
December 2022
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In November, we doubled down on payment automation with payment order automatic approval and introduced virtual accounts management into our platform.

Enabling payment order automatic approval

We are now enabling customers to skip the payment approval step when creating a payment order. It makes it possible to create payments faster for customers which already have approval rules in their app. To trigger a payment order automatic approval, the customer must add the parameter auto_approval set to true in the Create a payment order payload. Payment will be created in status approved before being sent to the bank, while an event auto_approved will be created and sent to the customer’s webhook.

Launching virtual accounts features

Since May, customers have been able to retrieve a bank transaction’s virtual account number and specify a virtual account number when creating an expected payment. Since July, the Numeral automatic reconciliation engine has been able to leverage the virtual account number of both expected payments and transactions to trigger a reconciliation. From now on, customers can create virtual accounts, link them to a bank account and assign them to a counterparty. The virtual account capabilities will soon be completed by new features enabling any customer to manage the lifecycle of their virtual accounts.

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