Our 2023 Spring Changelog

Lina Mechat
May 2023
min read

Adding support for HSBC

HSBC customers can now connect their EUR and GBP accounts to Numeral. With this new bank integration, customers can process their SEPA Credit Transfers, Faster Payments, and Bacs Direct Credits with Numeral.

Payment orders creation flow (private beta)

Customers can now create corporate payment orders directly from the dashboard. All they have to do is select the connected account they want to initiate payments from, choose the payment scheme (SCT, SCT Instant, SDD, FPS, and Bacs), and fill out the required account information.

Connected accounts’ balances are now shown

When navigating to the page listing the connected accounts, the latest balance of each account is now displayed. Customers can therefore immediately see the available cash at a glance.

Return requests and Inquiries approval flows

Financial institution customers can approve and deny their return requests and inquiries directly from the Numeral dashboard. SEPA R-transactions can be handled easily without building an in-house payment back-office.

Find more updates in our 2023 March changelog.

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