Our March 2023 changelog

Lina Mechat
April 2023
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Adding support for Faster Payments in the UK

In addition to SEPA instant credit transfer, Numeral customers can now send payment orders using the Faster Payments (FPS) payment scheme in the United Kingdom. In this regard, sort codes and UK domestic account numbers are now supported by the bank_code and account_number parameters when creating payment orders.

Adding support for ABN AMRO

Customers can now connect their ABN AMRO account to the Numeral platform and start automating their SEPA credit transfer and FPS payments.

Returns related to rejected SEPA credit transfers

Last June, we started supporting R-transactions for SEPA indirect participants. However corporate customers can also benefit from increased visibility on specific payment errors and exceptions.

In February, we launched a feature to capture SEPA direct debit R-transactions. We just released a similar feature to capture SEPA credit transfers that fail later in the chain as return objects for banks’ corporate customers. They are automatically linked to the original payment orders and can be reconciled with a related credit bank transaction.

New Inquiries screen in the dashboard

We’re excited to launch the Inquiries screen in the dashboard, which lets finance teams review the incoming SEPA inquiries related to return requests.

Find more updates in our 2023 February changelog.

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